Image en KPFM d'une couche de ZnO obtenue en ultravide
(échelle : -80mV à 80mV / Df = - 6,4Hz / Vpp = 1.84V / fosc = 1.2kHz / taille : 1µm x 350nm)
Image d'amplitude de vibration en DFRT PFM sur nanofils de ZnO (Vac = 300mV / max vibration 80pm / taille : 500nm x 175nm)
Image d'amplitude de vibration latérale en DFRT PFM sur couche de KNNO (Vac = 300mV / taille : 1µm x 350nm)

Fields Of Expertise

Since 1994, I have carried out research on near-field microscopy, from fundamental research, study of first steps of silicon growth on Silicon by ultra-high vacuum STM (Ph.D.) to the characterization of interaction between sugars by liquid AFM (Postdoc). Since 1999, I have been in charge of shared access microscopy platforms allowing me to address various fields of investigations (polymers films, thin films, oxide characterization, mechanical and electric properties, etc.).

Since 2006, at INL laboratory I focus my work mainly on PFM research on ferroelctric thin film. Now i have 3 AFMs able to do PFM with the follow of the resonnance frequency.

In addition to my research activity, I am involved in various French national networks. In particular, I am in charge of the coordination of the French scanning probe microscopy CNRS network (RéMiSoL) since 2014.

Career Development

2006 - present

INSA de Lyon – Institut des Nanotechnologie de Lyon (INL UMR 5270)
CNRS Research Engineer
Head of the Near Field Microscopy Department of the NANOLYON platform

1999 - 2006

Université de Nantes - Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN UMR 6502)
CNRS Research Engineer
Head of the common Atomic Force Microscopy platform


Centro Nacional de Microelectronica – Instituto de Microelectronica de Madrid
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

1995 - 1998

Université de la Méditerranée de Marseille – Groupe de Physique des Etats Condensés
Ph.D. on Material Science
Thesis: from the chemisorption to the growth of thin film of Silicon on Silicon by STM

Scientific Responsibilities


Coordinator of the RéMiSoL network (National Scanning Probe Microscopy network that depends on the CNRS Interdisciplinary Mission)


Member of the scanning probes microscopy Forum scientific committee


Co-organization of the 14th French Forum of scanning probes Microscopy


Creator, editorial writer and webmaster of the French community platform (


Head of the Near Field Microscopy Department of the NANOLYON platform (INL)


Co-organization of the DRIP X international congress (10th Defects: Recognition, Imaging and Physics of Semiconductor)